Song of the day: Abingdon Boys School – "Fre@k $HoW"

The Superjesus track yesterday got me in the mood to play you something with even more energy. Here’s Japanese band Abingdon Boys School from 2006 with “Fre@k $HoW”:


Now, I don’t know how much studio trickery was involved in the recording of this track, but it features some of the tightest band playing you’ll ever hear. Ever.

Side note: I’ve just discovered that the band are that tight:

Incidentally, if you’re wondering why I’m occasionally sneaking in some artists from Japan, it’s because of our 18-year-old daughter (Hi, Celeste!) who is a lover of all things Japanese. She has exposed me to a lot of music I would never have heard (and, in some cases, don’t want to hear again), and I’m glad she has. (Thanks, Celeste!) Some of it I think is fantastic (especially Puffy, which I pestered you with a little while ago, and Ai Otsuka, a tiny bundle of pop wonderfulness I’ll introduce you to a later date).

As a (possibly unwanted) bonus, here’s a video of “Blade Chord,” another Abingdon Boys School song. Someone on the Internet described this as the best video ever made. I won’t go that far, but it is extremely well done (maybe it’s the best Japanese music video ever made):

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