Song of the day: Hoodoo Gurus – "Less Than A Feeling"

Here are the Hoodoo Gurus with the biting “Less Than A Feeling” (1994):


It first appeared on the band’s heavy-duty album from 1994, Crank, and then was used on the 2000’s 2-CD best-of, Ampology.

I like how Dave Faulkner uses a very familiar chord progression as well as the lyrics to let everyone know exactly how he feels about “Classic Hits” radio stations…

Don’t look to the future – you don’t want to know
What’s wrong with this picture: “The future is in radio”?

A.M., F.M., what’s in a name?
To me, they’re one and the same
(It drives me insane).

I need a sound that ain’t found six feet underground,
It’s driving me to despair.
I search your dial for a smile like it’s going out of style.
Is there anyone there?

Don’t tell me the weather is gonna be cold.
You know you should never commit yourself
To statements so bold.
Golden oldies, tired and true,
In ten years what will you do?
(I’m talking to you!)

What about superstars
Surrounded by bodyguards,
Champagne and caviar?
You’re gonna need some Anusol,
When Hollywood meets Rock’n’ Roll.

Incidentally, the Hoodoo Gurus are mentioned on my A History of Power Pop in Australia post.

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