Song of the day: Dragon – "Get That Jive"

Here’s New Zealand Australian band Dragon with “Get That Jive” (1977):


If you want an example of superb songcraft, look no further than Dragon. They had a string of hits in Australia in the mid-70’s, were forgotten for a while, and then came back in the 80’s with a bang (their comeback single will be Song of the day another day).

If you also want the right recipe for a highly entertaining band, then Dragon has all the ingredients – they had a flamboyant front man in Marc Hunter, the band members were volatile, and Marc’s older brother Todd was on bass. (Nothing says “in-fighting” quite like having brothers in the same band.)

You can follow their epic adventures on Wikipedia. Just the first three paragraphs let you know you’re in for a wild ride. For example, you’ll read about how various members were either addicted to, or dead from, a variety of pharmaceuticals. And that Dragon started out as a prog rock band in New Zealand, and when they moved to Australia promptly metamorphosed into a pop band. And that they were named in an Australian Royal Commission as being implicated in an Asian drug syndicate. And much, much more. Dragon was a modern publicist’s dream (but a 70’s publicist’s nightmare).

Incidentally, “Get That Jive” was Dragon’s second Australian single. As a bonus – and because I can’t get enough Dragon – here’s their first Australian single:

Dragon – “This Time” (1976)


Great songs.

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