Song of the day: John Dowler – "Don’t Go To Sydney"

Here’s John Dowler with “Don’t Go To Sydney” from his 1993 album, Low Society:


John Dowler was an Adelaide boy who fronted Adelaide band Young Modern (MySpace page) in the late 70’s then moved to Sydney and joined The Zimmermen.

Here’s an earlier version of “Don’t Go To Sydney,” recorded by The Zimmermen for their 1986 debut album, Rivers Of Corn:


The Zimmermen released one more album, 1989’s Way Too Casual, and then split up.

Incidentally, in what must be the longest ever gap between album releases, Young Modern’s first album, Play Faster, was released in 1980 (or 1979, depending on who you consult – but most sources say 1980). Their second album, How Insensitive, was released in 2007. Yep, that’s right: 27 years. (Or 28.)

If you’re interested, here’s an interview with John Dowler about virtually all of the above.

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