Unexpected power poppers: Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John recorded “Twist Of Fate” as the theme tune from the movie Two of a Kind, the 1983 turkey which reteamed our Livvy and John “Thanks for giving me a second chance on my career, Quentin. Can somebody now give me a third chance?” Travolta after their success together in Grease.

Olivia had left her “Banks Of The Ohio” and “I Honestly Love You” soft country rock and ballad days far behind her when she released “Twist Of Fate.” (She’d even moved on from when she was Physical in 1981.) “Twist Of Fate” is a rockin’ little ditty, full of insistent 80s synths, but with enough guitars and tunes for me to say “Yep – it’s power pop”:

Olivia Newton-John – Twist Of Fate” (1983)



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