Song of the day: Pollyanna – "Lemonsuck"

Here’s Pollyanna with “Lemonsuck” (1996):


Pollyanna were a power pop band stuck in the Grunge era, so their unassuming songs had multiple – and very distorted – loud guitars applied to everything they recorded, sometimes even drowning out the vocals. And sometimes the vocals included very grungy screams for no apparent musical reason within their songs. Pollyanna’s plight at the time reminds me of The Posies, and how their songs sounded grungier and grungier with each release, in an attempt (by the record companies, I presume) to try to fit in with the then current craze for all things Nirvana/Pearl Jam/Stone Temple Pilots et al. (But at least The Posies kept their vocals nice and audible in amongst all that distortion.)


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