Song of the day: Regurgitator – "Blubber Boy"

Here’s Regurgitator with their ode to love in the frozen wastes, “Blubber Boy” (1995):


It’s probably my favourite rock song in 6/4 time.

The video for it is enjoyably odd – it features Eskimos (although no-one from Eskimo Joe), igloos, polar bears, and, er, blubber. Unfortunately, the person who posted the video decided to replace the original audio track with a live recording of the boys blubbering away:

Instead, if you’re in the mood to waste some bandwidth, here’s an alternative video using the original track. It’s someone called Matt eating a pineapple. Yes, really:

Incidentally, Regurgitator and “Blubber Boy” are both mentioned in my A History of Power Pop in Australia post.

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