Song of the day: The Innocents – "Sooner Or Later"

Here are The Innocents with “Sooner Or Later” (1980):


I’ve been reliably informed (well, as reliable as Wikipedia can be) that The Innocents are one of only two bands from Tasmania to have ever had chart success in Australia (or anywhere else, for that matter). To celebrate that fact, the other Tasmanian band, MEO 245, will feature on tomorrow’s Song of the day.

Incidentally, before they changed their name and became skinny-tie merchants, The Innocents were originally called Beathoven, who, as the name would suggest, were heavily influenced by four gentlemen from Liverpool. They were influenced not only by the music, but sartorially, too – Beathoven wore matching suits and, believe it or not, top hats.

You can read much, much more about the history of Beathoven / The Innocents on their official website, plus on this informative Lost in the Grooves post.

(“Plus on”? What kind of grammar is that? Bad grammar, Peter, that’s what kind…)

Anyway, as a bonus here’s Beathoven with an earlier version of “Sooner Or Later,” in which the band’s Fab Four influences are much more pronounced:

Beathoven – “Sooner Or Later” (1979)


The Innocents/Beathoven official website


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