Song of the day: Frente – "Accidently Kelly Street"

Here’s Frente! with “Accidently Kelly Street” (1994):


Ultra-cute video (embedding disabled. Grrr.)

“Accidently Kelly Street” was the second single from their debut album, the wonderfully-titled Marvin The Album (1994). For most people, Frente! was basically Angie Hart and a group of anonymous gentlemen in the background (the focus was always on Angie). Frente! made two albums and then disappeared. Angie, however, went on to form two other bands, Splendid and Holidays On Ice. (Angie has a knack of being in bands with great names.)

When Frente! first popped up on the radio and television all those years ago, I thought they were insufferably cute. Now, I think they’re charmingly cute. I reckon Frente! get extra points for having an exclamation mark in their name (I like that enthusiasm), but they get points taken off for misspelling “accidentally.”

As a bonus, here’s their first single, “Ordinary Angels” (1994), in which Angie’s singing is, well, angelic. The song also has, for some reason only their record company could explain, two videos (the second one looks more expensive – maybe that was used for the international market):


1. The cheap video (embedding disabled with this one, too. Extra grrr.)
2. The expensive video

Postscript: I just found an alternative video for “Accidently Kelly Street” which, like the second one for “Ordinary Angels,” looks expensive. It also makes Angie and the lads look decidedly more “professional” (read: “internationally appealing”) – but that’s not a good thing, because I think it sucks all of the charm out of the band, surgically (or maybe “accidently”) removing the group’s naiveté:

Frente! on MySpace
Angie Hart on MySpace
Splendid on MySpace
Holidays On Ice on MySpace

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