Musical coincidences # 29

Today’s musical coincidence centres around Muse‘s recent single “Uprising.”

I’ve always thought of Music as Queen-meets-Radiohead, but here in this one song Muse manage to channel four other artists.

“Uprising” starts off sounding like a combination of T.Rex‘s “Hot Love” and Gary Glitter‘s “Rock And Roll Part 2“:

Muse – “Uprising (2009) (excerpt 1)


T.Rex – “Hot Love (1971) (excerpt)


Gary Glitter – “Rock And Roll Part 2 (1972) (excerpt)


It then quotes Billy Idol‘s “White Wedding“:

Muse – “Uprising (2009) (excerpt 2)


Billy Idol – “White Wedding (1982) (excerpt)


And then it nicks the “Call me!” bit from Blondie‘s “Call Me“:

Muse – “Uprising (2009) (excerpt 3)


Blondie – “Call Me (1980) (excerpt)


Yep, all of this is in “Uprising” – and all of it within the first minute.

And don’t get me started on the lyrics. The lyrics are all about repression, conspiracy, and paranoia. (The song constantly uses that favourite word of paranoiacs everywhere: “They.” Just who are “they”? Muse fans, can you help me out? It seems to me that not only are Muse channeling the music of a heap of artists, they’re also channelling the lyrical themes of Pink Floyd…)

Anyway, here are the full versions:

Muse – “Uprising (2009)


(Speaking of Queen-meets-Radiohead, the following live video comes from a couple of concerts that Muse held in their home town as a sort of “heroes’ return” after touring the world infecting people with their paranoia pleasing their international fans. They had the cheek to call the concerts A Seaside Rendezvous. Queen fans will know…)

Update: video no longer available courtesy of pesky copyright claims.

T.Rex – “Hot Love (1971)


Gary Glitter – “Rock And Roll Part 2 (1972)


Billy Idol – “White Wedding (1982)


Blondie – “Call Me (1980)


2 Responses to Musical coincidences # 29

  1. Pokey says:

    Another recent song copped the ENTIRE open to “Rock and Roll Part 2”, exclusively, though I can't place it, but radio and movies have played it here in the United States; also, Grand Funk Railroad's 1974/75 “Some Kind of Wonderful” ripped off the Glitter Man's later “Jock Song” hand clap intro.

  2. Peter says:

    Hey, Pokey: I think I may have heard that newish song you're talking about. (About a week ago.) Unfortunately, I don't remember where I heard, but I do remember it being yet another song with a Gary Glitter-inspired drumbeat. I also remember at the time not being interested enough in making it a Musical coincidence on the blog. Now I am interested – but can't remember what song it was. Grrr.

    I've just heard Grand Funk Railroad's version of “Some Kind Of Wonderful” (thanks to YouTube), and you're right. It's pretty blatant.

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