Song of the day: Vertical Hold – "My Imagination"

Here’s Vertical Hold with “My Imagination” (1981):


Vertical Hold came from my home town, Adelaide, and “My Imagination” was a number-one hit there in 1981. Yay!

As you can hear (and see in the video), the band had the unusual instrumental combination of vocals, guitar, bass, drums – and cello. OK, how many power pop bands (or any band for that matter) can you name that features a cello as equal instrument to the guitar, bass, and drums? No, neither can I. If you say Electric Light Orchestra, I’d humbly submit that that’d be slightly incorrect, because ELO used strings as backing (and extremely nice they were, too).

“My Imagination” is a jaunty little ditty, and I hadn’t heard it in ages until a friend sent it to me (thanks, Col!). I sure am glad to make its re-acquaintance after all those years.

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