Song of the day: Mr. George – "So Much Love In My Heart"

Here’s Mr. George with the nicely catchy “So Much Love In My Heart“:

Mr. George – “So Much Love In My Heart (1973)

By the way, Mr. George was a band, not a person. I must admit that I have very, very hazy memories of this song when it was released in 1973 (well, I was 12 at the time), but apparently it charted fairly well: it reached #22 in Sydney, #23 in Brisbane, and #26 in my hometown, Adelaide.

“So Much Love” was written by the estimable Ted Mulry, and it has a chorus that’s effortless in its ability to stick in your head for an entire day, week, or even a month – depending on how catchy you find the chorus. It’s certainly stuck in my head. (One more time: “So much love in my heart…”)

As far as I can tell – which in this case is not very far at all – Mr. George released only two singles in 1973 and only one album, On The Bandwagon in 1974. (Believe it or not, there was a vinyl copy of the album over at OZtion which sold recently for $8. Bargain!)

Here’s that other single:

Mr. George – “Lazy Susan” (1973)

(Thanks yet again to Stonefish for the suggestion. I now want to borrow his entire record collection.)


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