Song of the day: The La De Da’s – "Too Pooped To Pop"

Here are The La De Da’s with “Too Pooped To Pop” (1974):

Link When I was growing up, I’d always thought that this was an original but, as with a lot of songs I grew up listening to, it’s not. This was originally written and performed by Chuck Berry. Chuck Berry! The Father Of All Rock Songs! Why didn’t I know that? Why?? Talk about ignorance. And to think that every time I listened to the song as a young nipper I never even bothered to look at the songwriting credits. I mean, it’s right there on the label:

(Some music expert I’m turning out to be…) Anyway, here’s the original, which I have to admit I don’t like anywhere near as much as the more boogified version by The La De Da’s: Chuck Berry – “Too Pooped To Pop” (1960) Link By the way, tomorrow I’ll try to play you something recorded much more recently (say in the last five years), because I’ve only just noticed that lately I’ve been pummelling you with songs that are so last century…

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