Happy Birthday, Rubber Soul

Happy Birthday, Rubber Soul, released on 3 December 1965.

Rubber Soul is easily my second-favourite Beatles album. It has such a specific mood (due to those jazz cigarettes that Bob Dylan had introduced the lads to the year before) that I can’t help but love. Apart from a couple of things – George’s guitar being way too loud in “What Goes On,” and John’s murderous tendencies in “Run For Your Life” – that mood’s maintained.

The song that I look most forward to hearing whenever I give Rubber Soul a spin is “You Won’t See Me.” I don’t quite know why, but that’s the one. Before I get to the song, though, I’d personally like to thank Jane Asher, Paul’s girlfriend at the time – I firmly believe that if Paul wasn’t having difficulties with Jane in 1965 then there’s a very strong chance that this song would not have been written. Thank you, Jane, for annoying Paul:



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