Song of the day: The Superjesus – "Now And Then"

It’s time for a big ballad, 90’s-style.

Mix a little bit of grunge with a little bit of jangle, slow it all down and, hey presto, you have The Superjesus with “Now And Then” (1998):


Beware of the video for the song – it looks as if whoever uploaded it simply put their video camera in front of a television screen and pressed “record”. I’m including it here only because it exists. Caveat emptor, baby:

Update: I’ve found a much better video of the video:

And here’s a live performance of the song. It was uploaded by the same person who made the video above, and the sound and vision aren’t much of an improvement on t’other one, but it lets you know that The Superjesus could play the song well in front of a crowd:


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