Song of the day: Neon – "Friend"

Here’s Neon* with “Friend”:

Neon – “Friend” (2005)


And who said people don’t write decent tunes anymore?

If “Friend” was a little too low-key for you, try “Hit Me Again”, which does a fairly good job of hitting you in the solar plexus (as long as you have it turned way up):

Neon – “Hit Me Again” (2005)


Both “Friend” and “Hit Me Again” appear on Neon’s 2005 self-titled album, a mighty good collection of solid tracks (see above) and still my second-favourite Australian power pop album released this century.

Neon on MySpace

(*Or is that “Here are Neon” because it’s a group of musicians? I can never tell with collective nouns and all that nonsense. Curse you, English language!)

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