Song of the day: The Groop – "Woman You’re Breaking Me"

Here’s The Groop with “Woman You’re Breaking Me” (1967):


Apart from its general grooviness (or should that be “Groop-iness”?), my favourite part of the song is the tom-toms. They’re very well recorded, and possibly the loudest thing on the track. Listening to the song – and its rampant use of tom-toms – I wonder if the band had recently spent a lot of money on a new set of tom-toms for their drummer and were determined to have them recorded as prominently (and as often) as possible. (“Hey, engineer guy – we spent an entire year’s allowance on those toms. You better make them loud and clear, pal…”)

However, there is one thing about the song that concerns me: the lead singer sounds as if he has weak bones, because he keeps singing about how his woman is breaking him. (That can’t be good. How is he going to perform in front of a crowd if he’s broken?)


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