Song of the day: Ray Burgess – "Love Fever"

Here’s singer/TV presenter (or was that the other way ’round?) Ray Burgess* with the glamorific “Love Fever” (1975):


“Love Fever” was yet another song in the never-ending stream of 1970s’ compositions/productions by the unstoppable force that was Harry Vanda and George Young.

Oh, speaking of Vanda and Young: I forgot to mention yesterday who wrote and produced “Can’t Wait For September” (yesterday’s Song of the day). Yep, you guessed it. Harry and George wrote and produced that, too.

But back to Ray. As a bonus for those of you who can’t enough of Ray (you know who you are), here he is again with “Lover Boy” (1979):

(*I just noticed that the “Wednesday Night Rock ‘n’ Rage” poster at the top of this post unhelpfully misspelled Ray’s last name.)

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