Song of the day: Icecream Hands – "Gentle Annie"

Regular reader FD13NYC has astutely discovered that I’m not much of a fan of roots-rock, that slightly countrified, slightly barroom-ified* genre quite a few people who aren’t me like a lot. I don’t get the appeal, but I understand that plenty of other folks do.

In a shameless attempt to mollify – nay, pander to – someone with music (Hi, FD13NYC!), here are the Icecream Hands with “Gentle Annie” (1993), a song that I think sounds a little rootsy:


“Gentle Annie” appears on the band’s 1993 debut album, Travelling… Made Easy. The whole album sounds a bit rootsy to me, so you might like much more than I do (I like it, but don’t love it).

As a bonus, here’s another song from the album. Oh, and speaking of shameless, get a load of the opening chord:

Icecream Hands – “The Way She Drives” (1993)


Official website
Icecream Hands on MySpace

(*I had to look up the word “barroom” to make sure that was the right way to spell it. I’d always thought that it was hyphenated, as in “bar-room”. I’m now having trouble coming to grips with the lack of hyphen, because that other spelling looks to me like it’s describing a loud sound – “Ba-RROOM!” – rather than a place.)


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