Song of the day: Bryan Estepa – "Western Tale"

Here’s Australian singin’/songwritin’ guy Bryan Estepa with the long-but-not-boring “Western Tale”:

Bryan Estepa – “Western Tale” (2006)


The ‘long’ part is that it goes six minutes. “Recipe for disaster,” I hear you say. Not so. The reason for the song’s six minutes, and one reason I like it, is that while it’s cruising along in its lovely laidback way, Bryan drops an entirely different song right in the middle of it. And when that other song’s finished he just goes back to the first song as if nothing ever happened.

The ‘not-boring’ part is that “Western Tale” is full of nice tunes and sunshine-filled harmonies.

Plus it’s two songs for the price of one. I can live with that.

Bryan Estepa on MySpace


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