Song of the day: Hoodoo Gurus – "Let Me In"

Regular reader FD13NYC has bemoaned the lack of loud’n’energetic, head-noddin’, foot-tappin’, floor-shakin’, temperature-raising, dental-filling-loosening songs on this blog in the last few days. FD13NYC wants to raawwwk.

So, to issue an immediate corrective – and to banish any thoughts of this blog becoming more and more mellow* as time goes by – here are the ever-reliable Hoodoo Gurus with a track from their new album Purity Of Essence:

Hoodoo Gurus – “Let Me In” (2010)


It’s been a while since their last album (six years in fact), so for Hoodoo Gurus fans it’s a cause for great rejoicing across the land.

(But I guess for the three people in Australia who don’t like the Hoodoo Gurus, it’d be “What, them? I thought they broke up…”)

As a bonus, here are two more tracks from the album:

Hoodoo Gurus – “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” (2010)


Hoodoo Gurus – “1968” (2010)


Welcome back, lads.

Official website
Hoodoo Gurus on MySpace

(*Roger Joseph Manning Jr. has a song called “The Quickening”, and it made me think that if the songs here kept getting wimpier I could call this blog The Softening.)


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