Song of the day: Kevin Borich Express – "Goin’ Down Town"

Today’s song is slightly off the beaten track as far as power pop goes (i.e., it ain’t power pop), but there is a reason for me playing it.

Here’s the Kevin Borich Express with “Goin’ Down Town” (1977):


This will be less-than-interesting to you, but the Kevin Borich Express was one of the bands on the triple-bill of the very first concert I ever went to. Actually, the Kevin Borich Express was the first band on that night, so they hold the distinction of being the very first rock band I ever saw in concert. Needless to say (but I’m going to say it anyway), I thought they were great and as soon their debut album, Celebration! (1977), was released, I bought it. And loved it. (Sixteen-year-old Peter listening to album on headphones and talking to self: “Kevin Borich is a great guitarist!” “These songs are great!” “That’s great boogie!” “This is a great album!” etc.) It may actually be a dreadful album (I can imagine someone who doesn’t like it describing it as “second-rate Robin Trower“, or possibly “pedestrian, diluted, third-rate Hendrix-esque boogie”), but even after all these years I still dig it, baby.

As a bonus, here are two more tracks from the album – the opener “Snowball King” and the title track:

Kevin Borich Express – “Snowball King” (1977)


Kevin Borich Express – “Celebration” (1977)


Official website


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