Song of the day: Marmalade – "Station On Third Avenue"

Here’s Scottish band Marmalade with their version of a not-terribly-well-known Easybeats song:

Marmalade – “Station On Third Avenue” (1968)


And here’s the original:

The Easybeats – “Station On The Third Avenue” (1967)


This may be unpatriotic of me (would it be considered musical treason?), but I prefer the Scottish cover version to the Australian original because it brings out more of the bubblegum flavour that was probably hiding in the original song until the Marmaladers came along and gave it the goody-goody-gumdrops treatment.

Marmalade’s version first appeared on their 1968 debut album, There’s A Lot Of It About, and then on various Marmalade compilations, so it’s been in circulation for quite a while, but the Easybeats original is hardly known. It was recorded at Olympic Studios in England for an album that was never released, and eventually popped up on The Shame Just Drained (1993), an album of Easybeats rarities.

One thing I like in the song (either version) is the little riff (at 0:52 in The Easybeats’ version) that reminds me of the Batman TV theme. And The Easybeats reinforce the Batman reference by singing “Cab man!” straight after the riff (at 0:56). But Marmalade go one better than The Easybeats by playing the little riff not exactly as The Easybeats played it, but much more like the Batman riff (at 0:45 in the Marmalade version).

I love music trivia. It’s so… trivial. And that makes it a whole heap o’ fun.

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