Song of the day: The Finkers – "Down South"

I know I played you a track by The Finkers just last week, but I’ve been enjoying their songs so much I that wanted to pester you with another track of theirs:

The Finkers – “Down South” (1999)


As a bonus (and a reminder), here’s last week’s song again:

The Finkers – “Brush” (1999)


Both those songs appear on The Finkers’ 1999 album Fresh Set-O-Prints. Judging by the joie de vivre on display, it sounds like the band had a heap-o-fun recording them.

By the way, both those songs also appear on The Finkers’ admirable 2-CD compilation, Epilogue which you can buy from Off The Hip Records.

The Finkers on MySpace

Buy Fresh Set-O-Prints in the US from (you know you want to)
Buy Fresh Set-O-Prints in Australia from (well, it’s somewhere in Australia you can buy it, but it’s dearer – try Red Eye Records)
Buy Fresh Set-O-Prints in Australia from Red Eye Records (only if you want to)
MusicStack says that there are plenty of places you can buy Fresh Set-O-Prints, so what are you waiting for?
Or you can buy some other Finkers goodness from Popboomerang


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