Song of the day: Celadore – "Make Sure"

Celadore is an Australian band I’d never heard of before until Scott Thurling from Popboomerang Records contacted me and said “Hey, Peter, get a load of this band – you’ll like ’em!”. Scotty was right:

Celadore – “Make Sure” (2010)

“Make Sure” appears on Distance Is A Gun, a 5-track EP that’ll be released on 7 May (or May 7, for any Americans reading this).

For a while I thought that the band’s name was a pun (Celadore = “Cellar Door”*), but couldn’t find any puns in either their song titles or lyrics, so I guess “Celadore” means something else. Maybe the band members are fans of fantasy fiction, because it sounds to me like a fantasy name (e.g., “Hark! I come from the land of Celadore. I am Prince Thesboniere, and my kingdom has been decimated by the Dragons of Zwycornius” etc). Or maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Celadore on MySpace

(*I thought it may have been a sly reference to musicians and wine…)


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