Song of the day: Farrah – "Swings And Roundabouts"

Although today’s song isn’t Australian, there is an Australian connection….

Here’s British band Farrah with their latest single, “Swings And Roundabouts” (2010):


And here’s the Australian connection: Kate and Zac from The Wellingtons appear in the video. For a while I couldn’t quite figure out why they, of all people, would be appearing in a video by a British band until I saw at the end of the video that Farrah’s record label is Lojinx. It just so happens that The Wellingtons are represented in Britain by… Lojinx.

Anyway, I don’t know anything about Farrah’s new album (mainly because it hasn’t been released yet), but I really like – and thoroughly recommend – their album from 2004, Me Too.

Incidentally, I must thank Will Harris for alerting me (via Facebook) to the existence of the video – and Will was alerted to it by Kim Richey. Thanks, Will and Kim!

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