Song of the day: King Crimson – "Frame By Frame"

These Tuesday posts devoted to hotshot instrumentalists have been getting out of hand (no pun intended) lately, so it’s time to prune them back a little. (I’m sure you don’t want to read a 10,000-word discourse on the intricacies of a musician’s technical abilities presented in excruciating detail.)

Here’s King Crimson with the astonishing “Frame By Frame” (1981):

King Crimson – “Frame By Frame (1981)


Apart from wanting to play you some King Crimson for quite some time (they’re my favourite prog rock band), I wanted to play you this particular track specifically for Robert Fripp‘s superhuman effort playing that guitar riff – it’s both frighteningly fast and accurate (that’s some mighty impressive hand-eye coordination you’ve got there, Robert), and for Adrian Belew‘s magnificent background guitar textures, and for Tony Levin‘s superbly tasteful bass playing, and for Bill Bruford‘s excellent drum work, and for… Oh, just listen to it already.

“Frame By Frame” appears on King Crimson’s 1981 album, Discipline (Wikipedia).

I honestly don’t know how anyone can play that riff. I had originally thought that it may have been studio trickery, but no, Robert plays it live, too:

King Crimson – “Frame By Frame (live) (1984)


How does he do that?

Official website
King Crimson on MySpace


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