Song of the day: The Master’s Apprentices – "Living In A Child’s Dream"

Here are the The Master’s Apprentices, one of Australia’s heaviest 60’s rock bands, going all hippy in the late 60’s (didn’t everyone?) with a trippin’-on-childhood song:

The Master’s Apprentices – “Living In A Child’s Dream” (1967)


A lot of rock bands went hippy in the late 60’s and The Master’s Apprentices were no exception, no doubt influenced by their time spent in England recording their first album whilst soaking up the local atmosphere (“Look! There’s John and Paul! There’s Mick! There’s Keith! Wow!” etc) and listening to every single British band going hippy. Speaking of influences, “Living In A Child’s Dream” reminds me of The Kinks when they went hippy. “Living In A Child’s Dream” probably doesn’t sound like The Kinks (you may be able to discern other influences), but that’s who I think of whenever I listen to the Apprentices’ ode to trippin’ out on acid and imaging you’re a kiddy playing with imaginary psychedelic toys.

By the way, I have a grammatical admendment to make:

In my previous post about the band, I called them “Master’s Apprentices” (no “The”) because that’s how they were billed on their 1970 album, Masterpiece. However, their self-titled debut album from 1967 looks like this:

Despite the blinding clarity of that cover, on subsequent single and album releases the band (or their record company, or their management, or their publicists, or someone) called them “Master’s Apprentices” or “Masters Apprentices” (without the apostrophe) or “The Masters Apprentices” (still without the apostrophe). Boy, rock music history can be confusing.

Despite the frequent slight but annoying (to me) name changes, I’m going with “The Master’s Apprentices”. It makes the most sense to me, so I’m sticking with it. That’s the name I’ll be using from now on if I post another one of their songs. And anyone who wants to “correct” me about that spelling will find themselves corresponding with an argumentative Peter. Full stop. (Or, as Americans say: Period.)

Official website (where they call themselves “Masters Apprentices” – why?)

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