Musical coincidences # 52

I recently read Powerpopaholic’s review of Farrah’s new album and thought, “Hmm, he gave their new album a 10 out of 10. Time to investigate…”.

So I had a listen to the album a few times and liked it (maybe not in a ’10’ way), but a couple of the songs on the album prompted today’s musical coincidence.

One of the tracks on Farrah‘s album is “Scarborough”, a lovely song about an office romance. As soon as I heard it I thought “Hey, that sounds just like a Fountains Of Wayne song!”.

Here’s the Farrah track in question:

Farrah – “Scarborough” (2010)


Slow that down a bit, and you have…

Fountains Of Wayne – “Valley Winter Song” (2003)


For me, the similarities are strongest in the choruses.

I re-read the Powerpopaholic review to see if he spotted the similiarity, too, and this is all he’d written:

The sweet “Scarborough” recalls a little of Fountains of Wayne in this colorful story song.

A little? Make that a lot.

Another track on the Farrah album is “Stereotypes”, a nice boppy song:

Farrah – “Stereotypes” (2010)


The main guitar part in the chorus of “Stereotypes” sparked a part of my brain to exclaim “Hey, that reminds me of…”:

The Feeling – “I Love It When You Call” (2006)


No matter who’s borrowing from whom, they’re all good albums*.

Farrah: Official website | MySpace
Fountains Of Wayne: Official website | MySpace
The Feeling: Official website | MySpace

(*Which reminds me to play you some more of The Feeling sometime. I haven’t played you anything of theirs before now because they’re a British band**, but their debut album, Twelve Stops And Home is a cracker. I bought both the UK and US versions of the album because they differ in track sequencing and cover artwork. That‘s how much I like that album.)

(**Well, this is supposed to be an Australian power pop blog.)

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