Song of the day: The Angels – "Shadow Boxer"

Today’s post was prompted by the latest instalment in the Bottom Feeders: The Rock End of the ’80s series on Popdose.

One of the acts mentioned in the post was a band called Angel City. Here’s an incredibly short biography of Angel City:

1. They came from Adelaide (in South Australia – yay!) and were called The Angels.
2. They became hugely successful in Australia as The Angels.
3. They tried their luck in America as Angel City.
4. They didn’t do so well as Angel City.

I’m mentioning this because the Angel City song in the post was not one of their better moments. (And I don’t want to mention its name.)

If you happened to listen to that Angel City song (please don’t make me say it) over at Popdose, then hopefully the following will balance things out a bit, because I think this is a much better song by The Angels – it was recorded in Australia when they were hot, hot, hot:

The Angels – “Shadow Boxer” (1979)


And here’s a live version:

The Angels – “Shadow Boxer” (live) (1987)



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