Song of the day: The Maybenauts – "Girlfight"

To continue this week’s cavalcade of bands-I-never-knew-existed-until-they-emailed-me, here’s a group from Chicago* called The Maybenauts who describe themselves as “glam-pop girl rock… with a space panda!” Yes, a space panda.

Here are three tracks from their debut EP, Big Bang (2010). If you like your music a little bit trashy and a little bit garage-y, then I reckon you might like it. Grrrl power!

The Maybenauts – “Girlfight” (2010)


The Maybenauts – “My Head Is A Bomb” (2010)


The Maybenauts – “You Are Here” (2010)


My favourite was “My Head Is A Bomb”. It was the one that made me think of go-go girls with ray guns on Venus.

(I’m guessing it’s the Chicago in America – unless there’s another Chicago somewhere. Chicago, South Africa perhaps?)

Official website
The Maybenauts on MySpace
The Maybenauts on Facebook
The Maybenauts on Bandcamp
The Maybenauts blog

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