Song of the day: A band – "The Spirit Of Radio"

Update (July 28, 2010): I’ve received one of those Blogger DMCA takedown notifications, where there’s apparently some degree of naughtiness in this post. According to Blogger, something is offensive to someone somewhere (Blogger never actually specifies exactly what’s bothersome to whomever is bothered by whatever it is that’s bothering them. Unfortunately, it’s all rather anonymous.)

In order to appease the aggrieved parties, I’ve removed the playable songs and will hope for the best. I’ve left the text of the post intact, so at least you have something to read while you’re here…

Update 2 (August 12, 2010): Blogger has sent me another takedown notification. I’m going to replace the remaining links with YouTube links to the songs I’ve mentioned in the post. Here’s hoping for the best yet again…

Recently, I’ve been pestering you with international bands who inexplicably want to be mentioned on an Australian power pop blog. However, I’m going to have to interrupt this blizzard of unfamiliar new artists because today is Tuesday, and Tuesdays are currently reserved for hotshot instrumentalists.

As well as being a fan of defiantly non-power-pop artists such as the proggy King Crimson and the jazz-fusiony Return To Forever, I’m also a huge fan of today’s band – ever since I discovered both the band’s music and, er, herbal cigarettes on the same night at a friend’s house way back when. (‘Twas many a year ago…)

This won’t be of much interest to anyone in particular, but the band I was in (back in the 80’s) played some covers of this band. We were all fans, so we tried to fit in as many of this band’s songs in our set before people realised that they couldn’t dance to what we were playing.

I’ll play you the songs we played (and I still love ’em).

First up, we have “The Spirit Of Radio” which at one point rather slyly paraphrases Simon and Garfunkel‘s “The Sounds Of Silence“:

A band – “The Spirit Of Radio (1980)

Next we have “Freewill”, which is basically one big riff. Being the bass player in the band, I used to love playing “Freewill”, especially the bit in the middle (starting at 3:04):

A band – “Freewill (1980)

Now we have the mighty “Tom Sawyer” which was another track I thoroughly enjoyed playing (love that bass part starting at 1:57):

A band – “Tom Sawyer (1981)

Video (embedding disabled. Grrr.)

And here’s “Red Barchetta” which is chock full o’ great riffs ‘n’ chords ‘n’ bass-playing ‘n’ drumming and all those other fabulous things that turned me into a fan of this band in the first place:

A band – “Red Barchetta (1981)

And finally, here’s “Limelight” which may appeal to you more than the other songs because it’s full of jangle:

A band – “Limelight (1981)

All those songs were great to play in the band I was in. I don’t know if they were great to listen to, but at least we tried to make up for our self-indulgence by also playing songs by The Beatles, Cheap Trick, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, The Master’s Apprentices, The Surfaris, Henry Mancini, et al.


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  1. All the videos are just super like. I loved the last video with red dress the most.

  2. Peter says:

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