Song of the day: Col Joye – "Come Into My Life"

Today’s song was suggested a few weeks ago by my friend Col (Hi, Col!). When I first heard it I thought, “What a horrid song! I wouldn’t want to inflict that on people. What where you thinking, Col?” etc, and left it at that, deciding never present it to anyone.

But for absolutely no reason I can think of, the song in question popped into my head just a few hours ago – and now it’s stuck there.

I think the only way I can get it out of my brain is to hand it over to someone else, so…

Col Joye – “Come Into My Life” (1971)


Sorry about that.

I wondered if that was a Col Joye original, but I discovered (after three seconds searching on the Internet) that it’s not. Here’s the original:

Jimmy Cliff – “Come Into My Life” (1969)



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