Song of the day: Matt Finish – "High Times For The Poor"

Quite a few songs from non-Australian parts of the world have been hogging this blog in the past few days (and whose fault is that, Peter? Hmm???), so I thought I’d get back to something Antipodean.

Here’s the unbelievably good live band Matt Finish with “High Times For The Poor” (1981):

Matt Finish – “High Times For The Poor” (live) (1981)


“High Times For The Poor” appears as a bonus track on the reissued and remastered live EP, Fade Away (1981). The original EP (which I had – and treasured – on vinyl) contained five tracks and lasted 22 minutes. The reissued/remastered CD (Fade Away Sessions, released last year) added another 12 (!) tracks and runs for 75 minutes. I like CDs.

As a bonus, here’s an alternate take of “High Times For The Poor”, also on the reissued CD:

Matt Finish – “High Times For The Poor” (live) (alternate take) (1981)


Matt Finish official website
Matt Finish on MySpace
Buy Fade Away Sessions from Matt Finish Shop
Buy Fade Away Sessions on
Buy Fade Away Sessions at Red Eye Records


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