Song of the day: Mclusky – "Whoyouknow"

I feel compelled to give you a little background to prepare you for today’s song.

Mclusky are a defunct punk band from Wales who released an album in 2002. The album is called Mclusky Do Dallas and is, without a doubt, the most intense album I have. There may be more intense individual songs around by other artists (such as Killing Joke’s “Seeing Red”, for example), but not an entire album like Mclusky Do Dallas. It contains 14 songs that simply blast out of the speakers and smack you right in the face. This thing pins you to your seat when it’s on, and when it’s finished 36 minutes later you’ll wonder what hit you.

Here’s a taste. It demands to be played as loudly as humanly possible:

Mclusky – “Whoyouknow” (2002)

I honestly didn’t think a band’s ferocious energy could be captured in a recording studio, but it happened here.

As a bonus, here’s a track from the album that was released as a single:

Mclusky – “To Hell With Good Intentions” (2002)

Yes, that was a single.

If you get the chance – and are brave enough – listen to the album from start to finish very loudly. And hang on to your seat.


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