Song of the day: Raspberries – "Tonight"

Yesterday’s Song of the day (“Tonight” by The Finkers) reminded me of another song called “Tonight”.

This is what I consider to be the best song called “Tonight” ever recorded in the entire history of absolutely everything:

Raspberries – “Tonight” (1973)


Oh, baby.

Here are comments from the participants:

Eric Carmen: “Tonight” was my favorite rock track that we ever recorded. There was a little magic happening in the studio on that one. We were smokin’ that day. There was like flames coming out of the tape. I thought that was our most successful rock track. It was the one track where the band played and sounded on the record like what we sounded like live. That song captured what we sounded like live. If there was anybody in mind when we did that song it was The Small Faces. That was my version of “Tin Soldier“. I think I incorporated every Steve Marriott lick that I had ever thought about into that song. It was written fairly quickly. It was a combination of “Tin Soldier” and “I’m Only Dreaming” and a record called “Nothing But A Heartache.” It’s a great old record if you haven’t this. I don’t remember the group that did it but it was a girl singer and it also had kind of the same rhythm part.

Wally Bryson: I thought “Tonight” was incredible. That’s another one of intros that nobody knows how to play but me. I make up weird chords for different sounds. I thought we got a lot of balls on that record.

Jim Bonfanti: “Tonight” still stands up today. If it’s played on the radio today it doesn’t sound like a dated song.

Dave Smalley: That’s definitely a Raspberry classic. Even thought I had an attitude by that time, I still loved the music.

Those comments came from the liner notes in the indispensable-for-power-pop-fans album, Power Pop Volume Two, which gathers up the Raspberries’ third and fourth albums, Side 3 and Starting Over. Power Pop Volume One is just as indispensable (well, it has to be considering it contains the Raspberries first two albums, Raspberries and Fresh Raspberries.)


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