Song of the day: Icecream Hands – "Dodgy"

Today’s song is by Australian band Icecream Hands and it’s called “Dodgy”. Now, depending on where you live, the title may mean something not entirely intended by the makers of the song:

  • If you live in Australia: “dodgy” means untrustworthy, very suspicious etc.
  • If you live in England: “dodgy” (especially the phrase “well dodgy”, spoken with a Cockney accent) means extremely untrustworthy, incredibly suspicious.
  • If you live in America: “dodgy” could mean “related to Dodge automobiles”*.

And depending on how you personally feel about Dodge automobiles, all of the above may be applicable.

Anyway, here’s today’s song:

Icecream Hands – “Dodgy” (1999)


Icecream Hands official website
Icecream Hands on MySpace

(*Not being American, I don’t know what “dodgy” does or doesn’t mean there. “Relating to Dodge automobiles” was the first thing I thought of. For all I know, “dodgy” could mean “fantastic” or “the best thing ever” or “oh, you wouldn’t believe how great this is” etc.)


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