Song of the day: Skyhooks – "Living In The 70’s"

It’s only just occurred to me (feel free to call me Peter the Obtuse) that it’s been ages (or, as people in the theatre would say: “simply aaaages, darling!”) since I played you something from the 70’s or earlier.

You, on the other hand, have probably been acutely aware of this, and have been waiting patiently for a track from your favourite musical decade. (It is the 70’s, isn’t it?)

Now that I’ve remembered to put an older track on the blog, I’m in the mood dfor something from the 70’s, and something riffy. (I feel like hearing lots of riffs.)

For me, Skyhooks‘ “Living In The 70’s” fits the bill admirably.

Australians reading this will possibly let out a collective groan and say “No, not that again.” Unfortunately, this song is squirm-inducingly familiar to most Australians, as it has been played regularly on Australian radio ever since it was first released way back in 1974. And now, with commercial radio’s obession with nostalgia, it’s played almost daily on any given station. (If you’re Australian and still listen to commercial radio, you probably heard it yesterday.) However, international visitors to this blog (Hello, and welcome!) may never have been anywhere near it, which means they would have missed on hearing a great song.

By the way, despite the lyrics being about the 70’s, I think they’re still highly relevant. I reckon that their sentiments will be familiar to a lot of people (hopefully not you) who occasionally feel disconnected to the world they’re currently in, and find themselves at odds with life in the 21st century:

Skyhooks – “Living In The 70’s (1974)


I feel a little crazy
I feel a little strange
Like I’m in a pay phone
Without any change
I feel a little edgy
I feel a little weird
I feel like a schoolboy
Who’s grown a beard

I’m livin’ in the 70’s
Eatin’ fake food under plastic trees
My face gets dirty just walkin’ around
I need another pill to calm me down

I feel a bit nervous
I feel a bit mad
I feel like a good time that’s never been had
I feel a bit fragile
I feel a bit low
Like I learned the right lines
But I’m on the wrong show

I’m livin’ in the 70’s
I feel like I lost my keys
Got the right day but I got the wrong week
And I get paid for just bein’ a freak

I feel a little insane
I feel a bit dazed
My legs are shrinkin’
And the roof’s been raised
I feel a little mixed up
I feel a little queer
I feel like a barman that can’t drink a beer

Skyhooks official website


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