Song of the day: The Rubettes – "I Can Do It"

A visitor to the blog (Hi, pb669!) recently commented on a post about “Juke Box Jive” by The Rubettes:

“They had a great follow-up to Juke Box Jive called I Can Do It. Should give that one an airing.”

Can do, pb669, can do:

The Rubettes – “I Can Do It” (1975)


I must admit that I hadn’t heard “I Can Do It” in years and had forgotten how it went, but once the song got going (after the vocal introduction with all those wonderfully high vocals that would give Def Leppard a run for their money), it all came back to me. And I was surprised by how much it now reminded me of a fairly recent song on the hit parade. It took me a little while to figure out what that other song was, but I finally found it:

Eagles Of Death Metal – “I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News) (2006)

(Video – embedding disabled.)

On second thought, I suppose that Eagles Of Death metal song doesn’t sound that much like “I Can Do It”. (Maybe it’s just the beat.)

The Rubettes official website
The Rubettes on MySpace


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