Song of the day: Kurt Baker – "Hanging On The Telephone"

A dude by the name of Kurt Baker
A gentleman calling himself Kurt Baker
Some guy whose name might be Kurt Baker
A young man called Kurt Baker emailed me about his new EP, Got It Covered (2010), which contains seven cover versions of songs by his favourite power pop artists.

When I had a look at the track listing I thought, “Mmm – I like his choice of songs”:

1. “Let Me Out” (The Knack)
2. “Hanging On The Telephone” (Blondie The Nerves)
3. “Pump It Up” (Elvis Costello)
4. “I’ve Done Everything For You” (Rick Springfield)
5. “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” (Joe Jackson)
6. “Cruel To Be Kind” (Nick Lowe)
7. “Turning Japanese” (The Vapors)

You can hear all of the new versions, plus read about Kurt’s reasons for recording them, on his website.

To be honest, I think that new versions of those songs – by anyone, not just Kurt – is completely unnecessary. If you ask me, the originals are perfectly alright as they are.

I’ve now heard Kurt’s cover of “Hanging On The Telephone” (along with the other tracks). I still think that any new version of those songs is completely unnecessary, but I have to admit that this is not bad at all:

Kurt Baker – “Hanging On The Telephone (2010)


Just in case you don’t remember the Blondie version (unlikely) – or have never head it (extremely unlikely) – here ’tis:

Blondie – “Hanging On The Telephone (1978)


And here’s the original, which you probably haven’t heard (not many people have, apparently):

The Nerves – “Hanging On The Telephone (1976)


Official website


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