Song of the day: The Offbeat – "Where Is The Girl"

Some time ago I had a hideously long post about UK band The Offbeat and their recent album, In Love Field (2010). I mentioned at the very end of the post that the band had sent me three copies of the album and that I was more than happy to give two of them away. I kept one copy (I like this album a lot), and I’m pleased to say that someone emailed me last week which resulted in one CD jetting its way to wherever it went. (I have a poor memory, and it’s more than a day ago, so I’ve forgotten exactly where it went.)

However, I still have one copy left that I’m keen to hand over to someone. Due to a lack of responses to the original post, I’ve come to one of three conclusions:

1) Almost no-one got all the way to end of the post where it said “I’ll give you a CD!”
2) People who read the original post hated what they heard, hate The Offbeat, and want nothing to do with the CD.
4) Hardly anyone reads this blog.

(I’m going with option 1. It was a very long post.)

Now, to help you decide whether you want to email me for a complimentary CD, here’s a track from the album that I didn’t play you in the original post:

The Offbeat – “Where Is The Girl” (2010)


And to help make up your mind even more, here’s another track from the album:

The Offbeat – “A Love To Last” (2010)


So, would you like a CD?

The Offbeat official website
Buy In Love Field at CD Baby ($8)
Buy In Love Field at Kool Kat Music ($8)
Buy In Love Field at CD Universe ($11.45) (Huh?)


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