Song of the day: Mark Bacino – "Muffin In The Oven"

I recently discovered that if you join the mailing list of an America dude musician by the name of Mark Bacino, he’ll send you this song as a welcome:

Mark Bacino – “Muffin In The Oven” (2010)


That’s a very nice gift. Thank you, Mark.

“Muffin In The Oven” appears on Mark’s latest album, Queens English. For a while I was rather frustrated at the apparent lack of punctuation in the title (i.e., where’s the apostrophe?). But then I found out that Mark lives in New York – or, more precisely, the New York City Burough of Queens. And then it dawned on me: Queens English. That makes sense.

Mark Bacino official website
Queens English website
Buy Queens English at DreamCrush
Mark Bacino on Popjob
Mark Bacino on Bebo
Mark Bacino on Facebook
Mark Bacino on MySpace
Mark Bacino on Twitter
Mark Bacino on YouTube
Mark Bacino on Google Profile
Mark Bacino blog on Blogspot
Mark Bacino blog on Tumblr


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