Song of the day: Moscos & Stone – "Captain Captain"

My friend Col (Hi, Col!) reminded me the other day of a song he had suggested ages ago. At the time, I had politely declined his suggestion, saying that the main reason was that I thought the song was dreadful. (Yes, I think that’s the word I used: dreadful).

Col asked me to give the song another chance, which I duly did. I still thought it was dreadful, but very, very catchy. Unfortunately, by the time the song had finished I had all its tunes stuck in my head – and they weren’t going anywhere.

Now I have a moral obligation to inflict this particular song on other people. (It’s only fair.)

So, if you’re willing to risk having tunes in your head that you probably don’t want there, here’s the song in question:

Moscos & Stone – “Captain Captain” (1978)



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