Song of the day: A band – "Victoria"

Here’s this particular band with the magnificent “Victoria”:

This particular band – “Victoria” (1983)


This band excelled at writing unusual pop/rock songs, and “Victoria” is a good example of that because there’s not an awful about it that I’d call ordinary or standard. Apart from the instrumentation (which is pretty regular for a rock band), the song has an unusual structure (does it have a chorus?), and the guitar parts, as always with this band, are a little left-of-centre. The band’s unusual-osity is just one reason why I’ve always loved ’em.

Oh, and speaking of “Victoria”, that name reminds me of:

The Kinks – “Victoria (1969)


That’s one of my favourite Kinks songs. Love it.*

(*There’s a lotta love in this post. Lovely!)


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