Song of the day: The Wellingtons – "Come Undone" (acoustic)

My favourite Australian power pop band, The Wellingtons, is (are?) currently roaming the American countryside, playing a mini acoustic tour there. (No, the guitars aren’t tiny. It’s the tour that’s small.) By the way, whilst ensconced in the land of Americans they’ll be seeing some of their favourite power pop bands. (Well, I guess if you want to see US power pop bands you probably need to actually be in the US to do so.)

So, in honour of (or “to commemorate”, or “to celebrate”, or “immortalise”*) The Wellingtons’ little tour, here they are with an acoustic version of one of their songs:

The Wellingtons – “Come Undone” (acoustic) (2008)


And here’s how it originally sounded, with a whole heap of guitars:

The Wellingtons – “Come Undone” (2008)


(*Note to self: That may be taking it too far, Peter.)

The Wellingtons official website
The Wellingtons on Lojinx
The Wellingtons on Facebook
The Wellingtons on MySpace


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