Song of the day: Eric Johnson – "Bristol Shore"

Do you have an album that you enjoy a lot, but has one special song that makes the entire album worth buying?

Well, I have an album that I think is worth buying just for one note.

The album is Tones, and it was the 1986 debut by Texas guitar wizard Eric Johnson. Dont worry, the album isn’t just instrumental noodling – Eric has honest-to-goodness songs on the album (as well as noodling). And the songs aren’t bad, either. (Actually, I think they’re pretty good.)

Anyway, the song in question is “Bristol Shore”, and there’s a guitar solo in it whereby Eric plays a melody that climbs and climbs until he hits this one note that, as far as I’m concerned, makes the planets and stars align.

If you want to be surprised and not know where it happens, don’t read the next sentence. However, if you don’t like surprises, then The Note occurs at 5:30. (Drag your cursor over that blank bit of text to see it.)

Eric Johnson – “Bristol Shore” (1986)


By the way, if you’re wondering why Eric put a Japanese koto in the song (from 3:14 to 3:38), he didn’t – that’s Eric making his guitar sound like a koto. (He can also make his guitar sound like a violin and a pedal steel, too. As far as guitarists go, he’s pretty amazing.)

Also by the way, Wikipedia still hasn’t changed that ghastly picture of him on their page.

As a bonus, here’s Eric in action (in 1988):

What a guitarist.

Eric Johnson official website
Eric Jonhnoson on MySpace


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