Song of the day: 10cc – "The Second Sitting For The Last Supper"

I wanted to play you this song ages ago, but got caught up trying to keep this blog exclusively Australian. As you can probably tell by now, that didn’t work out at all (i.e., I failed dismally).

Anyway, I then forgot about it, then remembered it. So I want to play it to you before I forget it again.

Here’s 10cc, one of my favourite bands from the 70’s, “rocking out”* so to speak (well, as much as a group of four intellectual musicians from England could):

10cc – “The Second Sitting For The Last Supper” (1975)


Oops. It’s just occurred to me, given the week it currently is, that choosing the above song may have been a tad insensitive of me. Many apologies if you’re a person of Christian tendencies and don’t appreciate the impertinence of 10cc at this time of year. But for everyone else, for all you heathens out there: “Yeah! Stick it to The Man!”

(*I really don’t like that phrase “rocking out”. It’s almost as bad as the phrase that was made popular by a few celebrities some time ago: “You guys rock!” Ugh. What on Earth does that mean?)


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