Song of the day: Neon – "Hit Me Again"

This may appear to be double-dipping, but I’ve already played you today’s song (shhh – don’t tell anyone). However, it wasn’t Song of the day in that post (that’s my rationalisation, and I’m sticking to it), so today I’d like to bring it front and centre, and highlight it in as big a way as I can (like making it Song of the day).

Here’s my second-favourite Australian power pop band with a riff-tastic track that demands to be played loudly as possible:

Neon – “Hit Me Again” (2005)


“Hit Me Again” appears on Neon’s 2005 self-titled album, a long-player I’ve gone on and on about in the past. I guess that I don’t need to go on and on about it anymore. (Unless you’re a masochist and want to hear me rave about a particular album ad nauseum.)

Speaking of volume, I believe that the entire album benefits from being played as loudly as humanly possible. (And it might sound better if you can play it louder than that.) It’s one of those albums that, for me, can’t be played loud enough. You probably have one of those kinds of albums sitting at home, too.

Neon on MySpace


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