Song of the day: The Master’s Apprentices – "Turn Up Your Radio"

Here are The Master’s Apprentices (with an apostrophe*) and a rip-roaring rocker:

The Master’s Apprentices – “Turn Up Your Radio” (1970)


A few days ago I was informed by commenter Neil (Hi, Neil!) that Jim Keays, the band’s singer, said in an interview that the band’s name definitely doesn’t have an apostrophe in it. Be that as it may, but it doesn’t help when you have covers like these:

And record labels:

 And even on compilation albums:

So I’m reluctant to say that I’m not entirely inclined to believe the band’s singer, even though he would theoretically be the man to ask.

I’m sticking with what I see. And what I see is an apostrophe.

I also have an apology to make to commenter Neil. I told him that I was going to accept Jim Keays’ solemn avowal that the band doesn’t have an apolostrophe anywhere in its name, but faced with the above record covers and labels I just can’t do it. Sorry about that, Neil.

By the way, leaving aside contentious apostrophes, “Turn Up Your Radio” is a song I used to play in the band I was in – and thoroughly enjoyed it, because it’s a heap of fun to play.

Masters Apprentices official website

(*Don’t ask.)

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