Song of the day: Cold Chisel – "Ita"

Here are* Cold Chisel with their ode to Australian magazine editor/broadcaster/businesswoman/fashion icon Ita Buttrose:

Cold Chisel – “Ita” (1980)


“Ita” appears on East (1980), which by my calculations – and if I ignore everything released by Midnight Oil – may be my all-time favourite Australian rock album.

Cold Chisel official website

(*I still don’t know the correct grammar when mentioning bands. Do I say “are” or “is” when introducing them? Cold Chisel is a band, but it’s made up of four musicians, and that to me makes it one of those collective noun thingies. Like “here are geese”. But on the other hand, a band is seen as a single entitiy, like water. Water can be divided and separated (like a band) so that you have, for example, four glasses of water. But I’ll say “here is water – in four glasses”. So do I say here is Cold Chisel, or here are Cold Chisel? And am I now wasting my time as well as yours?)

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